Saturday April 20 Schedule


9:00 am        Wristband sales continue all day at $10.

                        Premiere wristband guests admitted all day.

                        Empty seats will be filled.

                        Day will include CEFF promos and GGP intros.


10:00 am   A Reason for Hope     

10:05 am   Documerica                 

11:10 am   Paddle Tribal Waters (Klamath Youth) 

11:20 am   True Survivors             

Noonish     RITUAL Food Truck is out back. Yum! Thank you, Sarah!

1:00 pm     Flyways: The Untold Journey of Migratory Shorebirds   

2:40 pm     A Reason for Hope     

2:45 pm     Native Suns: Sacred Souls (Lakota)                

3:05 pm     Dark Sacred Night      

3:25 pm     Documerica                 

4:40 pm     Paddle Tribal Waters (Klamath Youth)

4:50 pm     True Survivors             

6:00 pm     Requiem for a River (New Mexico)

7:00 pm     Covenant of the Salmon People (Nez Pearce)        


Thank you to The Tennyson Event Center and all Sponsors of the Geothermal Greenhous Partnership’s 2024 special events