The Geothermal Greenhouse Partnership is a 501c3 nonprofit located in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Our mission is to educate the community in sustainable agricultural practices by producing food year-round using local renewable energy.

The Community Garden Dome Grows Healthy Food and Self-Reliance

Geothermal Greenhouse Partnership (GGP) welcomes community groups to garden sustainably in the Community Garden Dome (CGD).  Like the Education Dome, the CGD offers traditional soil growing in raised beds. Food grown in the CGD is donated where each group specifies or is eaten by participants. By inviting groups to grow, instead of individuals, GGP shares this unique Pagosa experience with many community members.

Food security is a useful measure of household and individual welfare and, of course, food insecurity occurs within our community. The Community Garden Dome demonstrates sustainable food production, provides space for groups to garden year-round, and provides food to those who experience food insecurity. The CGD brings together organizations whose goals address these issues. Their work in the greenhouse supports their interests in the community and facilitates working together in the same space to foster cooperation and collaboration. The CGD is critical to engaging the community at large in actual growing experiences and to illustrating self-sufficiency.

A goal of the CGD is to maximize the amount of healthy food distributed to the greater community. This may include families in need, individuals desiring a healthier diet, and families, friends and neighbors of participants. Community gardeners work together to manage soil health and insect pests with natural methods. GGP encourages a representative cross-section of Pagosa Springs’ groups to demonstrate these concepts of sustainable food production.

The values inherent in these growing activities go a long way toward bringing participants a greater sense of security. These same values promote food equity, assure food safety, and improve mental, emotional and physical health.